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This article reports the major trends for web development this year. Based on research from American programming communities, development sites, and github data.

Web design can be complicated, in this article you will see some tools that try to make your process easier and streamline your workflow.

Lack of willingness or even an aversion to work. Being lazy is human, and all of us at one time or another will go through a time like this. The problem is that there are times when we cannot let it win and we must fight it to move forward.

The term Ux is on the rise lately. As a result, several advertisements and courses on the subject have emerged. But what really is User eXperience?

Health is one of our most precious assets. If it's not up to date, it's hard to say that we're fine, and in every profession there are diseases that are more common, which can arise due to the exercise of certain activities and in software development it's no different.

Today we'll talk a little about the order in which you should learn web programming. Keep in mind that what will be exposed in this publication is about tips for expanding knowledge and not an absolute law. However I would like to provide a little help for those who are getting into web development right now.