A few more repositories on GitHub repositories on GitHub that every web-developer should know about


.some github repositories you might not know about, but worth a little star...


In April of this year I made a publication talking a little about 3 repositories that I would like all web-developers to know about.
In it I talk a little about the free-programing-books, developer road map and Become-A-Full-Stack-Web-Develope repositories. I still think the current publication is worth a look, but it's been three months and I'd like to share some other repositories I've found with you.

publication link here

1_ 30-seconds-of-code

30 seconds of code is a repository that is definitely worth checking out. They have a website with a similar name. Your goal is to bring snippets, or pieces of code that are small but with grandiose solutions to your project.
Also, it's always good to keep up with the development of some solutions and see what other people are doing, and you can also take a look at how they've done certain features.

2_ javascript-algorithms

This repository is very interesting, and I definitely recommend it to people who participate in job interviews. It is a repository that shows algorithms and data structures in javascript, with explanatory video examples and functional code, as well as links to quality references.3_ front-end-interview-handbook
Speaking of job interviews, why not talk about a repository that was created with this focus?
The front-end-interview-handbook brings a content classification in html, css and javascript with several questions that were asked in job interviews or that can be asked. is a handy book worth having in your arsenal of knowledge if a job interview is coming up.

4_ ML-For-Beginners

Interested in learning a little about Machine Learning? I know this is a topic that interests me, if it also makes you curious, this can be a repository for consultation. ML-for-Beginners at the time of writing this post occupies the first place in the trending of github. Which makes me think it might be a topic that doesn't just interest me. In addition to being an indication of the quality of the repository's content. It is worth checking.
Classes are separated in order of difficulty and you can follow their progression through the repository.

5_ public-APIs

Public apis is a nice repository. It features several free apis that you might want to use in your next project. Very worth checking out. Also, it's a repository that occasionally goes back to github's trending. definitely deserves a star.

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