en-Developers you must follow to improve and learn


This article was inspired by a publication in *The Zyox Letter*, which is a newsletter for programming, technology, entrepreneurship and money. With a little bit of my personal experience about these content creators

1. Ben Awad (English)

Funny and creative content on you tube about programming that talks about Fang and other topics.

2. Coder coder (English)

If you're like me and love animation, editing and programming, this second channel mixes the best of the three worlds. The content is creative and of high quality. He also has a series where he interviews people and gives tips and guidance on how to get your first job.

3. Net Ninja (English)

Tutorials and courses. Many programming channels that I mention will make their content more playful, or talk about the career. Not this one. Unlike other tutorial channels on youtube, which you use only once, it's worth signing up (I apologize to the other tutorial channels). My point is: this channel has playlists of practical content in various frameworks that are worth marathoning to become a web ninja.

4. Coding Garden (English)

A programmer who makes lives on twitch and posts his content on you tube. It's funny and user-friendly, plus it produces very interesting systems, worth checking out.

5. randy (English)

Speaking of funny programmers who live on twitch.tv...

Randy is not only for those interested in game development, but also for programmers who like to distract themselves in their spare time with good entertainment on youtube. And maybe you'll even learn a thing or two from him.

 6.  JavaScript Mastery (English)

JavaScript lovers, this channel is for you! There is a lot of very good content here. things about using react's NPM node, as well as building a fully developed voice recognition react news app.

7. Katelyn Pitt (English)

From twitter to youtube. Depending on when you are reading this post it may have little content for you. But he can expect a very positive message to share with the motivation and very good learning resources he shares almost daily.

8. filipe deschamps (Portuguese)

One of the coolest programming channels in Brazil. Interesting and cool content to watch. You'll find it all and I'm sure you'll fall in love.

9. Gabriel Pato (Portuguese)

If you like content about hacks, bots and programming, you'll love this channel. A super creative guy with a great sense of humor

10. Código Fonte TV (Portuguese)

When I started programming and wanted to know more about the programming area, this was the first channel I found. What he passes in one word is: experience

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