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Today we are going to discuss a little about what a programmer is, what are his duties, how much he earns, how to get into the area of ​​programming, among other things. This article hopes to speak to both those just starting out in the field and those more experienced.


1 - The programmer lives programming

For starters, how about we talk about what is expected of a programmer?

Basically, its primary function is to write code that becomes commands/instructions for a computer. A programmer is a person who is responsible for turning requirements into a ready-made system.

That said, it's worth noting that this basic principle isn't the only thing to be expected in the profession, since the programmer won't spend all of his time programmings. Most of the time this professional lives in a relationship between the programmer and co-workers, with whom he should have a good relationship. That's why it is necessary for the programmer to develop good communication skills, this skill is not only essential to communicate but also to coordinate a team and understand what a particular project requires. In addition, it is necessary that every professional has emotional intelligence and empathy.

2 - Programming and evolving

Logical reasoning is very important in programming. Programming is an activity focused on logic. It's one of the first things you learn in programming and provides the foundation for almost any other language or technology. A solid foundation that doesn't change as much as technologies change.

However, even so the programmer must always be studying. New technologies appear all the time and it is the duty of those who are programming as a profession to update themselves. Although it is normal for you to have a preferred technology and it is recommended that you choose a technology to specialize in it, it is good that as a programmer you are always reading and seeking information. It may be that something newer solves problems you can't currently solve, but you can only find that out by informing yourself.

The person who programs must always be evolving, following what happens in the world of technology. This includes learning new tools and challenging yourself to evolve as a professional.

I recognize that this is not very easy, with so much information it is difficult to know what to study at the moment. However, there are several mechanisms nowadays for specialized people to filter the content that comes to you, and keep you informed. My recommendation is to seek out a newsletter from a website or serious journalist to facilitate your process.

3 - What are the main market segments that a programmer can act?

  • hospital
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • HR
  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Digital marketing
  • digital security

4 - Areas in which the programmer works

Desktop programming

  • The purpose of desktop programming is to generate programs that run in the desktop environment. In other words, those apps that you download to your computer or notebook and run a task, some need the internet, others don't and there are some that are even hybrid.


  • In this case, the product is an application that works on the web and is hosted as a website. It can be a common website or even software, available for access in the cloud computing model. The advantage is that, as access is via the internet, the system is available to any device, regardless of size and configuration.


  • In mobile development, systems are built to be accessed on smaller devices such as cell phones and tablets. Thus, the information is adapted to organize the structure and allow reading on these screens. In this system there is still the variation of android and IOS and this can influence the way it develops

5 - How is the market for people in the programming area?

The programming market, as well as the technology market, is very hot. According to the Associação Brasileira de Startups, there are more than 5,000 vacancies open only in startups in Brazil. In addition, the demand for developers is expected to reach 70,000 opportunities between 2019 and 2024. This reflects the growing need for functions that involve software.

Companies are racing to adapt to the digital transformation, trying to automate their processes and adopt new applications that solve their daily problems. For this reason, knowing how to program and evolve according to the innovations that arise are special characteristics for getting a job in this field in the future.

6 - How much does a programmer earn?

According to the website vagas.com.br, the programmer earns an average of R$ 2,774.00 in Brazil (data from 2021). However, the salary tends to increase according to your level of experience. Another factor that can increase your salary are remote jobs provided to companies abroad. As it is a more versatile profession, it is increasingly becoming an option. It is no longer uncommon to see Brazilian programmers who live in Brazil earning in Euros or Dollars.

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