en-Techniques for learning to program anything and learn programming faster (without programming ease)


In this article we are going to discuss a little bit about the process of learning something in programming. If you follow the step by step and implement this way of thinking in your career as a programmer, your life will be much easier. I guarantee. This article was inspired by a video that changed the way I learn, all concepts were even tested in my life.

Logo programador de quintal
Logo programador de quintal

1 - Don't compare

Many people think that gift doesn't exist, and it really is a debatable subject. But the fact is, from the outside it seems like for some people your age or younger than you, programming comes naturally, and concepts you don't know seem to be obvious to those people. Talented or not, the fact is that comparing yourself with these people we feel unmotivated.

Demotivation is bad for you, exclude thoughts like "I can't do it". Think differently, people will learn faster than you and that's normal. It doesn't mean you won't learn, just that you'll learn in your own time.

Don't compare!

2 - Expose yourself to what you want to learn, even without understanding anything

Read articles, watch videos and try programming something. When the feeling of "I don't understand anything" hits, CONGRATULATIONS! You are making progress. But and now? If feeling lost won't get you anywhere, so read more, see more videos and schedule more. No matter how long it takes, the truth is that eventually you will learn. Our brain was made to adapt, it has a characteristic that allows its own physical structure to change to adapt to the environment we play for it. So don't be afraid to expose your brain as much as possible to what you want to learn

Expose yourself to what you want to learn, even without understanding anything

3 - Do not copy and paste, enter your code

In programming we created the habit of copying and pasting from an early age, but this mania should be extinguished when it comes to learning something. Just the fact of writing makes you learn a little more. But my suggestion is:

Write and ask yourself "What does this line of code do?"

This habit will make you learn what you want faster.

Do not copy and paste, enter your code

4 - Get back to the subject

After a few days you've learned a subject, come back to it or review your code, do you remember everything?

review will help your long-term memory. Try to come back to the subject from time to time and you will see your learning improve a lot.

back to the subject

5 - The honor of the shirt

What drives me forward in learning is this abstract concept of honoring the programmer's shirt. This part I admit won't make sense to everyone, but it made a lot of sense to me in the past and it still does.

Imagine the programmers who came before us. They created the computers, the programming logic and they made the first programs without the sea of ​​content that the internet brings. When I think about it, the desire to learn arises, I honestly think our job is relatively easy compared to theirs. It makes me want to go further

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