Programming and health, tips for a programmer's health


Health is one of our most precious assets. If it's not up to date, it's hard to say that we're fine, and in every profession there are diseases that are more common, which can arise due to the exercise of certain activities and in software development it's no different.


Today we are going to discuss a little about the programmer's health, the problems he may have as a result of his profession and how to avoid them.

Health is one of the parameters that measure your quality of life, so it must be one of the most important topics in anyone's life, in the opinion of its humble editor.

1 - The problems

-Headaches and mental fatigue

-Spine pains





(There are other problems besides these, but the main ones are being addressed)

2 - The causes

  1.  Headaches and mental fatigue can be caused by excessive hours in front of the computer.
  2. Back pain, among other problems, are caused by poor posture at work and the number of hours the professional spends sitting.

  3. Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons and is caused by prolonged and repetitive efforts such as typing, in addition, it can be aggravated depending on the position of the hand in relation to the keyboard, among other factors.

  4. Obesity usually appears as a by-product of work, its main cause being a sedentary lifestyle, that is, lack of exercise and poor diet.

  5. Burnout is a state of chronic stress caused by overwork.

  6. Tinnitus is popularly known as (ringing in the ear) and appears mainly as a consequence of hearing loss, its main cause being excessive use of headphones and their volume.

3 - How to avoid problems and some tips

  • The headache and mental fatigue can be avoided if the programmer every hour steps away from the computer to "stretch his legs", or else close his eyes and rest for a few minutes.
  • Back pain can be avoided if the professional corrects the posture while working. a tip is to adjust the chair so that your elbow is level with the keyboard and always pay attention to your posture. another tip is to do some stretching exercises during your break.
  • The practices adopted above will help against tendonitis, but the main prevention is the search for more ergonomic items. There are items on the market that help to hold the wrist and maintain proper posture, which can help with problems. But the main tip is to pay attention to the body's signals. At the sign of pain, it is recommended to seek a specialist who will help with muscle strengthening.
  • Obesity should be avoided through dietary re-education and physical activity. There is no secret, despite the work these good habits will greatly improve your quality of life. The tip here is: if you, like me, don't like the gym, start walking every day in your city. The WHO (World Health Organization) indicates at least about 30 minutes of physical activity daily.
  • Burnout prevention and care in relation to excesses. Simple as that, but very difficult to run if you are a home office programmer. The truth is that there is a balance between productivity and overwork that must be achieved. (pay attention to your body's signs of stre
  • ss) The prevention of tinnitus is simply moderate earphone use (maximum two hours). and pay attention to the earphone volume, always use the recommended one.

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