Web Development Trends for 2021


This article reports the major trends for web development this year. Based on research from American programming communities, development sites, and github data.


I always like to leave a warning on topics that talk about the future. Even if in this case the future is close and easier to predict, it is good to be aware.

Much of what you will read in this post should be read carefully, as the future is a variable and we can all be wrong when trying to predict it. As I said before, this post will bring my opinion, based on data from the git hub, foreign programming communities and development sites

 1 - JavaScript

With flexibility and power Javascript is the language that grabs most of the market. With it, it is already possible to develop websites and apps, taking responsibilities from the back-end and the front-end. No wonder this language has been the most popular for the past 6 years.

2- Aplicações web progressivas ou PWAs

The main objective of PWE is to provide desktop and mobile users with the same user experience in native apps.

For this it uses a technological strategy called progressive enhancement that emphasizes the core content of the web page first and allows for super fast loading depending less on the internet speed. Other PWA goals are:

  1. Progressividade;
  2. Responsividade;
  3. Se manter ativo sem internet
  4. Segurança
  5. Instalável

3- Blockchain tecnology

Blockchain is a system that allows you to track the sending and receiving of certain types of information over the internet. And the technology behind, for example, bitcoin. This science has been gaining more and more popularity and we must see it being applied in the most diverse areas.

Knowing where information went is also one of the blockchain's characteristics. With this feature, in addition to more security, we can expect greater proximity between producers and final consumers.

4- Artificial intelligence and/or Bots

Customer service is being revolutionized. It is not uncommon to be attended by robots with the most diverse names in our day-to-day. This revolution can reach the most diverse proportions and it is good to be prepared. Furthermore, several researches, studies and codes are being launched in the field of artificial intelligence. Some researchers even consider this field of computing as the "new frontier".

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